Kneel-It V3
Kneel-It V3
Kneel-It V3
Kneel-It V3
Kneel-It V3
Kneel-It V3
Kneel-It V3
Kneel-It V3
Kneel-It V3
Kneel-It V3
Kneel-It V3

Kneel-It V3

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Kneel-It is a cleverly engineered support device designed to relieve strain and decrease injuries that come with prolonged kneeling.

Help reduce knee and back pain while increasing productivity at work or with projects around the house.

Kneel-It rolls on hard indoor/outdoor work surfaces and soft terrains. Built with special grip technology to help keep stationary when idle, a padded ergonomic spring-loaded seat to provide intervals of rest, and durable padded knee rests to ensure comfort while completing taxing jobs on-site or working from home.

V3 Features
  • Rotatable casters added to seat; switch between braking/rolling seat configuration
  • Upgraded quick pin seat attachment method
  • Finger latch for seat removal upgraded
  • Increased seat Comfort
  • Sliding Seat adjust FWD and AFT
  • New color scheme 

See The Kneel-It In Action


  • Durable, sturdy construction, supports up to 360lbs
  • Built-in cushioned knee pads for maximum comfort
  • 360° turning capability and intuitive mobility
  • Compactable for easy storage and transport
  • Materials: Cold-rolled steel, Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon, EVA foam, Stainless steel

Versatile & Effective

The Kneel It is perfect for but not limited to:

  • Auto body repair
  • Flooring installation
  • Tile installation
  • DIY projects
  • General construction projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Kneel-It supports up to 360lbs

  • Cold-rolled steel
  • Fiberglass reinforced Nylon
  • EVA foam
  • Stainless steel

Yes. Our Soft polyurethane wheels keep even the softest hardwoods safe. However, if you use your wheels on a rough surface and rough up the wheels themselves they may cause damage to more delicate flooring. We recommend using two sets of wheels if you use your Kneel-It on both rough and delicate surfaces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Oscar Rodriguez

Kneel-It V3

Peter Wall
Knee saver

When I first used it I thought it was a waste of money,But after using it for a few time and got use to it I realized it was knees and lower back don’t hurt . I do a lot of auto body and polish and buffing

Doug Kozak

Very well made , very comfortable, I am a painting contractor and use it for doing baseboards and other low work,,, have only used it in one location so far, rolls well on lino but found when switch to carpet .. it struggled to roll at all. verdict is still out but am liking it so far!


Makes flooring so much easier

Farzan Balouch
Awesome tool!

Really great tool to help save your knees, fast and on time delivery, would highly recommend.